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GarouMush Feedback Survey

Welcome to 2017 all! In the hopes of trying to breathe some life back into the game and encourage new faces to join us, I created an anonymous survey for all players - new, old, former, and potential - to get opinions on how the game can be improved. Please consider taking a few minutes to check it out.

General Disclaimer: I made this as anonymous as possible, but remember to leave off names and major identifiers in responses. I wanted to make sure folks felt free to speak openly on this, just keep it polite and constructive. Responses are not publicly viewable. As an additional note, I don't guarantee any changes. This is just to gather information, anything beyond that is in the hands of the wizzes.

-- Thane/Dakota player


Queen's Tower - Boss Fight Planning

This is the post that goes along with the bbpost 5/217 in regards to organizing the attack on the Tower.

As it stands as of now, the general plans are to have two teams: One making the run on the Tower, the other staying behind to keep the folks at Edgewood busy and away from the caern and to work to retake it should the opportunity arise. As usual, those unable to make it or who are kind of idle are welcome to be presumed to be guarding over the caern and bawn.

What we need is the following:

1) Set a date. Update: It's sounding like August is looking preferable.
2) Once a date is set, let Sheo know in advance about any talens, fetishes, or other Things being made or brought that'll require a wiz approval.
3) Team leaders. Thane will be heading the Tower, but we'll need seconds and a leader for the Edgewood team in order to help organize plans IC and OOC. I don't have the brain or time to plan it all myself, much as I wish I could.
4) Probably other things I can't think of right now.

But it's high time we got this ball rolling, it's collected enough moss and we got a black hole doom noodle to kill after this. So, comment, gripe, plot, and vocalize anything needed below from ideas to what you're bringing to the party and when you wanna RSVP.

-- Thane/Dakota

Plot Cliff Notes

Dealing with two big sprawling metaplots isn't easy, thus I present to you the cold-med influenced cliff notes version of what's going on. Most of this info is either publicly known or probably will be. People are welcome to chime in with questions or more details, I've kept this deliberately simplified. Here goes:

Down Like Dominos, aka the Spiral Revolution, aka 'all the Caerns get overrun' plot:

- Occupy-like protest movement known as the Spiral Revolution starts and spreads across the States. They use a Wyrmish Spiral glyph as their symbol.

- BSDs and fomori and banes and other Bad Shit rile up protesters via ritual glyphs until they riot, then use riots to overrun local Caerns. Lots and lots of Caerns fall this way.

- Creepy Towers are occupied in New York City and Los Angeles after those Caerns/Septs fall and Bad Things of Creep happen around them, no one of Gaian alignment goes in and comes out okay (or necessarily comes out at all).

- Spiral Revolution reaches St. Claire, but quick action by mayor and local Garou heroes prevents it from becoming a riot.

- Creepy Tower is set up in St. Claire too. Former GENOM is now Queen's Tower, owned by The Queen Conglomerate, a real estate company with a scary legal reputation of the 'don't fuck with' variety. They mostly rent the place out, office space, things like that. Top three floors are off limits.

- Creepy Tower is surrounded by big bad banes and there are apparently fomori-type things that can turn invisible and suck out your life force by touching you.

- Dancers are part of Creepy Tower's forces, particularly most of the security detail that guards the building.

- There was some sort of power struggle going on with the leader of the Seattle Hive, Renegade, and a BSD pack under Green Dragon (the Hellfire pack). Hellfire pack got stomped when they tried to get St. Claire Garou to team up with them to go after Renegade.

- There's a Nephandi mage in the creepy tower.

- A Dancer known only as 'Blue' has approached Briari with an offer to let the Gaian Garou know when said mage leaves the tower and is vulnerable.

- The tower is being very quiet and generally hasn't done anything overt for a long long time.

What Lies Beneath aka the Ooze plot aka the Nothing/Hanford plot:

- Black Ooze stuff is bad and showing up in places. It does weird things. Like eat reality.

- Weird monsters are showing up too. There are two types: Infected/tainted/whatever thingies that seem to have spent too long around Black Ooze stuff and been taken over (can be people, spirits, even Garou), and Echoes, which are even weirder and seem able to teleport, suck Gnosis, and generally defy reality.

- This is all coming from Hanford, or more specifically, the former site of Last Days, a now dead Caern that used to be located in the mountains near Hanford.

- Magpies, spirits and regular birds, have vanished. There have been many sightings of strange unearthly possibly spirit magpies around Black Ooze activity and the Hanford area.

- Spirits are super scared of Black Ooze stuff. Refer to its minions as 'eaters'. Want none of that shit.

- Black Ooze stuff is intermingling somehow with a few of the minions working for/in Queen's Tower, thus there is plot crossover.

- There's someone at Last Days who has communicated with several people via phone and once via some kind of telepathy. Nick thinks it's a very powerful mage.

- Ghost can 'cure' the sickness the Black Ooze causes, reasons unknown. Nick thinks the mage did it.

- Bad wuju of all kinds. Dreams. Sickness. Reality warping.

- Something made almost everyone forget that Hilliard Hospital existed. Records have vanished, photo evidence goes misplaced, and so on. PCs remember, NPCs seem to have forgot (at least, mundane NPCs).

- Hilliard Hospital is being 'rebuilt', except since no one remembers it existed, they think they're building it for the first time. The umbral echo is a mess and there's some bad bad wuju going on in the hospital's old and forgotten parking garage.

- Lots of earthquakes are happening, and Wyld spirits are pretty strong around the Caern/Blue Mountains.

- Potential City Father from the Wyld growth plot, Jeb, explained that he did an oops. There are two big, ancient entities in the area. One's at Last Days (the Not or the Nothing as it's been referred to), one's somewhere under the Blue Mountains. These entities are the antithesis to each other, the Yin to the other's Yang, they push and pull and as one gets more active so does the other. Jeb accidentally set in motion the waking of the one under the Blue Mountains because he wanted an edge in his City Father struggle. He is contrite.

- This Blue Mountains spirit is the reason our Caern is subject to such odd cycles of change and renewal. It was the ultimate source of the Wyld growth from years back. It's a Good Thing...if it stays sleeping.

- The Not/Nothing and the Blue Mountains spirit once shaped the land through their fighting. They'll cause devastation if they become active enough to do it again. In theory, finding a way to put one to sleep won't cause the other to go away, but it may make that one decidedly less active and thus less immediately dangerous.

- Communicating with the spirits of very old things (mountains, rivers, stones, you get the idea) may lead to more information about these two old rivals and how they might be calmed.

- Meanwhile, Ooze stuff warps reality and breaks all the rules.
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2016 Calendar Of Events - UPDATED 2/22/16

With most of us at the point in our lives where we have to Adult more than we like to, and with more meetings now than in times past, I figured a calendar would be a good idea so folks can plan ahead. All are flexible, of course, as we need so people can attend. Just toss a comment out on the page if dates and times don't work. For rites in particular, if you want to head it up and run the rite, just edit this entry and call dibs. If you want to add an ONS or similar scene, do the same! NOTE: All times listed are Game Time (Pacific US).

- Thane/Dakota

2/22/16: Moved full moon moots so they don't conflict with season rites and lead to potential burnout.




* 8th, Mon 6pm. New Moon Moot. Open forum and news, all sept members and allies welcome.
* 15th, Mon 6pm. Half Moon Moot. Challenges and grievences, all sept members and allies welcome.


* 8th, Tues 6pm. New Moon Moot. Open forum and news, all sept members and allies welcome.
* 15th, Tues 6pm. Half Moon Moot. Challenges and grievences, all sept members and allies welcome.
* 20th, Sun 4pm. Rite of Reawakening. Run by Dakota.


* 7th, Thurs 6pm. New Moon Moot. Open forum and news, all sept members and allies welcome.
* 14th, Thurs 6pm. Half Moon Moot. Challenges and grievences, all sept members and allies welcome.
* 22nd, Fri 6pm. Full Moon Moot. Garou only. Revel to be held if a GM volunteers.


* 6th, Fri 6pm. New Moon Moot. Open forum and news, all sept members and allies welcome.
* 13th, Fri 6pm. Half Moon Moot. Challenges and grievences, all sept members and allies welcome.


* 4th, Sat 4pm. New Moon Moot. Open forum and news, all sept members and allies welcome.
* 12th, Sun 4pm. Half Moon Moot. Challenges and grievences, all sept members and allies welcome.
* 19th, Sun 4pm.  The Great Hunt Rite. GM Needed.


* 6th (backdated to 4th due to US holiday), Wed 6pm. New Moon Moot. Open forum and news, all sept members and allies welcome.
* 11th, Mon 6pm. Half Moon Moot. Challenges and grievences, all sept members and allies welcome.
* 19th, Tues 6pm. Full Moon Moot. Garou only. Revel to be held if a GM volunteers.


* 2nd, Tues 6pm. New Moon Moot. Open forum and news, all sept members and allies welcome.
* 10th, Wed 6pm. Half Moon Moot. Challenges and grievences, all sept members and allies welcome.


* 1st, Thurs 6pm. New Moon Moot. Open forum and news, all sept members and allies welcome.
* 9th, Fri 6pm. Half Moon Moot. Challenges and grievences, all sept members and allies welcome.
* 22nd, Thurs 6pm. Long Vigil Rite, run by Dakota.


* 1st, Sat 4pm. New Moon Moot. Open forum and news, all sept members and allies welcome.
* 9th, Sun 4pm. Half Moon Moot. Challenges and grievences, all sept members and allies welcome.
* 16th, Sun 4pm. Full Moon Moot. Garou only. Revel to be held if a GM volunteers.


* 1st (backdated to Oct 30th), Mon 6pm. New Moon Moot. Open forum and news, all sept members and allies welcome.
*7th, Mon 6pm. Half Moon Moot. Challenges and grievences, all sept members and allies welcome.


* 1st (backdated to Nov 29th), Thurs 4pm. New Moon Moot. Open forum and news, all sept members and allies welcome.
* 7th, Wed 6pm. Half Moon Moot. Challenges and grievences, all sept members and allies welcome.
* 17th (backdated to 13th), Sat 4pm. Full Moon Moot. Garou only. Revel to be held if a GM volunteers.
* 21st, Wed 6pm. Rite of the Winter Winds. GM needed.
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Proposal: Moot Reorganization

So for time memoriam, we have had the full moon moots. Garou gather, stand around stoically, maybe do some yelling, listen to others brag, and maybe kill something. It is the Nation’s great tradition.

No, not getting rid of it. But, with the passing years it’s become clear we’re all seeming a bit bored and we just don’t have the hours to devote to this honorable venture when there’s a laundry list of things to accomplish. Additionally, as our characters expand outside of just Garou to include allied Fera, Mages, and of course kinfolk there’s the realization a lot of good folks aren’t able to participate! So, the suggestion was made to me to introduce two new meeting opportunities.

New Moon Moot: When Luna hides and Rage is low, the sept gathers freely. This moot is an open forum where everyone allied with the sept, from Mortal+ to Garou to Fera, may gather in order to share news, concerns, and suggestions.

Half Moon Moot: As the moon hangs between light and dark, the time of judgement comes to the worthy and the guilty. This moot, in honor of the time of the Philodox, is a time for challenges to be given and held as well as for grievances against those who go against the Litany, Law, and Creed to be aired. While all are welcome to attend, it is wise for Mortals to come with a Garou sponsor.

So on the above notes, I'd love to hear what folks think of the idea. Of course, the events of these moots can overlap depending on what's needed, but the overall idea was to spread things out to allow more people to attend and introduce some less formal events for those who aren't suited to the traditional spiritual full moon moot. Additionally, I would like to open it up for others besides just the Elders to run these other moots in order to gain renown and to prevent OOC burnout for the same few players to always be trying to organize events. A meeting place may also be developed by someone that's out of prying eyes so folks aren't hunkering on rocks in the middle of the woods. So those with Resources who are plain bored or have old sites we're not using anymore, this is your chance!

This will be brought up ICly at the informal moot this weekend, but since that's last minute I wanted to ensure this was easily discussed OOC among everyone.

-- Thane (your shadowy new overlord)

Happy holidays!

Happy holidays to those of you still out there!

There's been a few changes going on lately -- one is that I'm back, which probably isn't a particularly important change to anyone else, but is for me. ;)  Hi!  I've been messing with the code again, as well as playing.

A more broadly applicable change is that we're now allowing people to create bodies at the login screen, instead of having to apply and be approved first.  People can hang out in the lounge in their own skins, as it were, while they work on concepts and applications, as on most games.

And an IC change is that as of yesterday, Thane, Adren Ahroun and elder of the Shadow Lords, has defeated Jacinta, Athro Ahroun of the Wendigo, in combat for the position of Sept Alpha and Warder (by default, as the two positions are currently combined).

If you're not currently playing and it's even briefly crossed your mind to pop back in, please do!  (If you are playing, please keep playing. ;) )  If it's been less than four or five years since you last logged a character on, it may well still be there awaiting you.  We miss you -- come back! :D

-- Ninjakitten
   Formerly Bernie, Raphael, and Izzy;
   Currently Felix (and Trouble the loungebot);
   Once and again Ivy the Codewiz.

State of the Game: Plots

It was brought up that keeping information straight has been particularly troublesome with the two on-going meta-plots, especially since they've had repercussions outside of the St. Claire area, and I said I was going to get up a post dealing with this. So! Onward. This will be posted on the wiki itself soon, and open to anyone who wants to edit in information that their character has been told and is spreading. I am trying not to touch information that is not confirmed/only currently theorized myself, other folks can feel free to add this as they like or suggest I add it into the post (please try to note if it's only a theory or unconfirmed information, it makes things less confusing for people and cuts down on IC telephone syndrome, although that's fun for everyone). Obviously this is incomplete as I need to add Caern information and haven't yet plopped up info on Hanford information on Hanford added, incomplete, but please feel free to add suggestions in the comments or ask for clarification.

Also! Keep in mind that this is not a summary of all the information out there that's been discovered. This is for information that all characters can be reasonably expected to know or be able to find out. That is to say, if your character knows something but it isn't being spread, it's not going to appear on this post. If your character knows something and intends to spread it, please post in the comments and I'll add it to the wiki compilation. Thanks!

Down Like Dominoes (aka the Spiral Revolution plot):

Civil unrest and quiet encouragement by Wyrmish forces led to a break-out of riots across America's cities last summer. These riots proved to be cover for a massive coordinated attack against Gaian forces based in and around the cities where the riots occurred, starting in the northeast and moving clockwise around the country to the west coast. Many Septs and Caerns have fallen in the wake of these attacks, unable to hold off the combined efforts of Dancers, fomori, powerful banes, and the mysterious creatures that seem to be involved with them. Nephandi involvement is also suspected.

Caerns/Septs that have fallen in the past year due to these attacks:

Sept of the Green - Ongoing resistance efforts, the Caern is reportedly safe from corruption, though the details haven't been spread around. Mother Larissa is still MIA.

Steel Angel - Ongoing resistance efforts, Caern status unknown but presumably corrupted/in the process of same.

A full list can be found here http://garoumush.wikia.com/wiki/Inactive_Caerns, I intend to get one up on the plots page that specifically lays out the ones brought down by this particular Wyrmish effort.

Caerns/Septs that have come under attack but remain in Gaian hands:

Western Eye

The protest movement came to St. Claire, but due to quick efforts by the mayor's office to placate the protestors as well as act in the best interest of the safety of both citizens and police, as well as efforts by a few Garou quietly integrated into the Spiral Revolution online presence (Rhys), the riots were quelled before they even began. While the protests are ongoing in St. Claire they have decreased in intensity and the threat of riots seems to be decidedly undermined, though going into summer again there are worries on both sides that violence may be in danger of breaking out again. The mayor's office is coordinating with St. Claire police as well as protest organizers to keep this danger as minimal as possible.

Riots in other parts of the country have all but ceased, for the most part, but other than St. Claire, unrest is greatest in Baltimore, Salt Lake City, Denver, and Chicago. Notably, it has not really hit Seattle at all, and cities where Garou Caerns have fallen (either in or nearby) seem to have had their protests and riots brought under firm control, with the danger no longer being present.

- Spiral Glyphs: A network of strange spiral glyphs exists in St. Claire as graffiti, both on the streets and in the sewers. These are apparently mantained by the local occupying force of Dancers in some fashion. Thanks to kin efforts (Rina and Nick), at least a partial map of these glyphs exists, but when Dakota viewed it she had terrifying visions/insights. It's also known that any Gaian Garou getting too close to a glyph risks falling into frenzy; the glyphs appear to spark rage and violence in all those that are near, a highly contributing factor to the success of the riots and inability for authorities, with the exception of St. Claire, to keep things under control despite all efforts. When a glyph is removed or disrupted, the Wyrm's forces seem to be aware of it almost immediately.

- Super Fomori: There are strange creatures involved that have been referred to as 'super fomori' for lack of a better term. They are pale, have great strength, occasionally seem to have access to advanced, almost sci-fi quality weaponry, appear to have the ability to age someone with a touch, and at least some can turn invisible, though they are visible with high tech gadgets such as infrared goggles or gifts (Cybersenses) that can mimic them. The local population of these creatures seem to be focused on the newly dubbed Queen's Tower. There are reports of similar creatures from several fallen Caern cities, notably New York and Los Angeles.

- Queen of the Rancordiant is a name that has come up more than once in investigations, though little is known about what this refers to.

- The GENOM Tower has been bought out and renamed to the Queen's Tower. It seems to be the central focus of Wyrmish efforts in St. Claire. Efforts to supernaturally breach its defenses, such as using a gift to try to moonbridge inside, have failed. The tower is surrounded in the Umbra by large, extremely powerful banes. As with other cities, it's theorized that at least some mage (Nephandi presumably) involvement is at play.

- The Alpha of the Seattle Hive, Renegade, has been mentioned several times, though his exact involvement, if any, is not known.

- A seemingly rogue BSD pack, referred to as Hellfire under the Green Dragon, approached the Gaian Garou last year in a bid to try to enlist their help in overthrowing Renegade, as they were apparently unhappy with his leadership. This pack was known to follow Beast of War, as many of the BSDs involved in the riots are thought to do. Rather than assisting them, the St. Claire Garou (Excelsior and Emma, with some assist from Turtle and Val) successfully attacked and destroyed the Hellfire pack.

- Val has an IC information board in her place above Snakes and Lattes that is trying to keep track of all known information in both this plot and others (as well as general info) and can be read here: http://garoumush.wikia.com/wiki/Kinfolk_Message_Board

- Disappearances have been notable since the riots began, and while they have been very quiet in St. Claire, it's known that disappearances have been happening locally as well. It's been reported (Ghost) that this is, unsurprisingly, happening among the homeless population, though never to a degree in which anyone outside of their circle would find it alarming.

What Lies Beneath/the Hanford or 'black ooze' plot

I'm afraid this requires a history lesson, so here we go!:

Hanford has been a source of constant misery for longer than the current St. Claire Garou presence has even existed, for very understandable reasons. Hanford, or the Hanford Site/Hanford Project, is a large section of eastern Washington bordered on one side by the Columbia River. It is most famous as being a part of the secret Manhattan Project starting in 1943, a place where plutonium was refined for use in automic weapons, notably the one detonated at the Trinity Testing Site and the 'Fat Man' dropped on Nagasaki. It contains the remains of B Reactor, the first full-scale plutonium production reactor in the world. During the Cold War, Hanford was expanded to nine reactors and five large plutonium processing plants, which provided most of the plutonium for the US's nuclear arsenal. All nine of these reactors are now inactive and in varying states of dismantling; Hanford is the most contaminated nuclear site in the United States, and the focus of a massive clean-up effort that has faced constant set backs, corruption, irresponsible management, and leaks. Sadly all of the non-supernatural stuff about Hanford is real; anyone looking to research our Hanford need only look up the many many informational sites about what's happened/ and what is going on there, I'm only including the bare basics. Hanford lies somewhere around two hours drive from St. Claire or thereabouts; it's far too close for comfort.

The only active nuclear plant in the area is not part of Hanford, though it sits south of the site itself: the Columbia Generating Station is a nuclear power plant owned and operated by Energy Northwest, and produces about ten percent of Washington's total generated electricity.

Apart from being the nastiest concentration of Wyrm presence in the state, the Hanford area is notable because the nearby mountains (the Saddle Mountain range) are the site of a former Caern, its final name being (fittingly) the Caern of the Last Days. This Caern's original owners are unknown (likely Wendigo, maybe even Croatan), but at some point in the past it fell to Dancers and was converted into an active Pit/Hive. Despite their position of strength, however, this Hive never really expanded into the rest of the state; reasons unknown, though it was likely not by choice. Eventually St. Claire and the survivors of the Cypress Rising Sept attacked and defeated the Dancers at Hanford, after which the Caern of the Last Days was tentatively founded under Magpie (the same totem that Cypress Rising had followed prior to losing their original Caern). The Black Furies of Cypress Rising died to a one in the Hanford fight, leaving the Caern in the hands of the Shadow Lords and Get of Fenris. Eventually, politics led to the Shadow Lords gaining the upper hand of leadership, and the Get left in disgust. At last report Last Days was a dead Caern; not merely corrupted, but entirely destroyed. What led to this has been theorized but never substantiated.

Hanford has been scouted in the following years and has been the source of a few battles, but no significant BSD presence has been noted since, though there have been many many fomori, banes, and even a mage to contend with, as well as individual BSD packs.

Present events:

- Dancers from Seattle, possibly/likely those tied in some way to the current St. Claire BSD presence, went to Hanford last year in an effort to recruit allies or possibly even set up a forward base of sorts in the area. These efforts failed spectacularly; details are sketchy to the Gaian Garou, but the Dancers were apparently driven out, after which at least some came to St. Claire. Renegade was reportedly involved somehow.

- Something is infecting at least some of the St. Claire Dancers, including those at Queen's Tower. The extent of this is unknown, but those discovered to be infected are apparently killed or imprisoned in some fashion. Nevertheless, some simply disappear, and any efforts to contain this infection, whatever it is, don't seem to be working. It has led to fear and some measure of paranoia (above and beyond the usual) among the local Dancers.

- Earthquakes have been happening at various intervals, with their epicenters being somewhere in the Blue Mountains. This is unusual for the area; earthquakes here are small and infrequent compared with the parts of the state closer to the known fault lines. This has led to some speculation among experts about the possible existence of an as yet unknown fault line somewhere between St. Claire and Spokane, but nothing concrete has come of it.

- Some strange fomori have been encountered; black blood, cold and wet to the touch, black eyes. The house they were living in was haunted, for lack of a better word, by a strange creature ultimately defeated by Excelsior/Jamethon when they attempted to cleanse the house. Prior to that, spirits were avoiding the house and claiming that those who got too close disappeared. There was also a strange mark inside that was dangerous to look at.

- Strange 'infected' Dancers were encountered on the Great Hunt. They were discovered on the Bawn, seemingly in the process of sacrificing one of their own, though for what purpose only they know. Like the fomori, they had black eyes, wet black fur, black blood, and were cold to the touch. In addition, several strange banes were encountered in this fight that seemed to have a cold theme as well as the ability to 'drain' Gnosis from those surrounding them.

- The Caern was attacked during Moot by a bizarre monster that terrified all spirits in the vicinity and ripped a hole through the gauntlet. The Warder, Jacinta, reported that the monster didn't seem to arrive in the Caern so much as appear; she had no warning from her pack totem or the wards that something was coming. The monster drained Gnosis, appeared black and oozy, and at one point seemingly vanished with two Garou only to reappear in a slightly different spot. It was successfully defeated by the Moot attendees.

- Something very very strange is going on with the former site of Hilliard Memorial Hospital, which exploded disastrously many years back and has sat vacant ever since. The underground parking garage formerly attached to it appears to have been occupied by some sort of presence: black ooze/liquid tendrils have been found deep inside, though the entirety of the place has yet to be explored. This was also the site of some strange behavior, such as objects disappearing when one attempts to take them out, or in the case of one scout (Ishmael) a strange reality loop when he attempted to leave.

- Hilliard Memorial Hospital has been announced for the vacant hospital lot site. Groundbreaking for the hospital will begin in a few weeks time.

- Hanford has been scouted twice by local Corax, first Moxie, then most recently Val. More information can be had from Val or Val's IC information board, linked above. Val was forced to call for assistance when one of the strange...things from the site of the former Last Days caern followed her almost all the way back to St. Claire, despite all efforts to shake it off. Blitzkrieg and Reggie fought and killed it.

- Numerous Garou have had strange dreams, both those who have encountered either the monsters, fomori, or black ooze, and those who haven't. The dreams carry the theme of darkness, cold, and distant dripping, but sometimes have more frightening, if harder to describe elements. In the same vein, numerous Garou have discovered strange messages near their sleeping places when waking. The messages have generally been phrases or single words.

- Magpies have vanished from the greater St. Claire area, both spirit and animal. A few have been spotted when other Ooze activity has presented itself, but only then, and none seem to be willing to communicate.

- Spirits in the area near Hanford, particularly a river spirit from the Columbia, have reported that Something originating from Hanford is hunting them down, regardless of alignment. Many of the Wyrmish spirits that have grown fat off of Hanford's nuclear pollution and generated misery have vanished or been corrupted by this Something.

- Dakota spoke to the Caern totems, who had only limited information but warned that whatever is at Hanford may be looking for something nearby, and that it's important that the Hanford entity not find it.

- Several Garou and Val visited Dream to try to contact the Magpie that was once the totem for Last Days.

- A few Garou were ambushed by strange wolfish monsters when they responded to the screams for help of a hamstrung BSD, who was later revealed to be suffering from the 'infection' that other Dancers in St. Claire have come down with.

- Attempts to cleanse the infection (if not the Wyrm taint) from this Dancer failed despite everyone's best efforts. He was killed shortly afterward rather than risk sending the infection to Erebus.

Hey, former GrooMUSHers! and current GrooMUSHers!

Hey, so, GarouMUSH is at a pretty low activity level right now. Part of that is the time of year (it's one of the RP slump periods no matter what game you play), but of course, part of that is a general low floon level on the game. While in part this is also a cyclical thing, now seems a good time to throw a question out there that should be asked:

To all our former players, inactive players, idle players, low floon players, and anyone else, active or otherwise, who has an opinion on the matter: If you had all the free time in the world (read, real life eating you is a Thing That Happens, but if that were not the case) what, if anything, might renew your interest in RPing on GarouMUSH? If you're a former player, was there a certain thing that led to your leaving other than real life or simply becoming bored with the genre? Is there something that might help you engage more with the game, or peak your interest, even if you're an active player now?

Please be respectful, but I'm looking for honest discussion. If you're not comfortable stating it publicly, please feel free to talk to me (Sheogorath) on the game, or to send me email at kartikeya200 at gmail dot com. If you aren't comfortable talking to me, by all means send Mythal or (when real life stops eating him) M'aiq a page instead. If it was/is some form of player conflict, please just note it as player conflict if you want to state it publicly, or take it up privately with one of us (we want to hear it, but let's not start a flame war or public shaming).

If you take time to respond to this in any way, thank you!

Rules and Guidelines draft and feedback

Heya. So this has been in the works since before I took the headwiz reigns. Why? Because we have a lot of expectations on GarouMUSH, and some important rules, and while almost all of them exist in a list in some fashion somewhere, they're usually buried deep on the ingame bboards or mentioned in mails or just generally assumed to be understood. They're not really collected in one easily accessible place, and this can lead to problems, as you might imagine.

So technically, none of these are actually new. Some have a little more emphasis than they did before. Some are being set out straight for the first time. But all of them have generally been the way GarouMUSH rolls, and I'm posting them here so we can open up feedback and discussion, as well as suggestions for things that you feel need mention or clarification that have been left out (and I know I've probably left stuff out without realizing).

Please note that if I've included something here, it's because it already exists as a policy in some fashion. If I've added emphasis where something hasn't been as emphasized before, it's because I (and the other Wizzen generally) feel that more emphasis was needed. Because of that, while I have no problem with people complaining about a particular item so long as they keep it a civil discussion, removing a rule or guideline already listed isn't really something on the table.

Foil specific rules have been posted previously, but I do want to note that they need an update of sorts, and I'll be getting to that soon. Once we take feedback into account, this list will be going up (in perhaps a somewhat less casually stated fashion) on the wiki, and referenced on the game itself.

Collapse )