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Dec. 5th, 2014

Wolf LOL


Moots and Moot-Like Things

Howdy, folks! Your woofy headwiz Hazmat here, once again opening up discussion about the way we do things in-game. And the topic today is Moots.

Earlier this year, Sky and I worked out a regular Moot schedule of alternating Tuesday evenings and Saturday daytimes so that a) there'd be a Moot scheduled every month and b) even if someone couldn't make one of those times, they'd probably be able to make the other and thus at least get to Moot every other month. This worked out pretty well for the first part of the year, but lately... not so much.

The game population's smaller, and we all live in different time zones and have different schedules. Some people can never make Tuesday evenings OR Saturday daytimes. Even people who CAN make a Moot can't do Moot and Revel, so Revel almost always is handwaved. And Moots in general are not seen as interesting or necessary to attend. As a result, in the past few months, we've had Moots that were barely attended and Moots cancelled because nobody showed up at all.

We've also had a Moot recently where a plot monster showed up and there was a battle. This event was well attended.

We currently have some pretty big, sprawling, complicated plots going on, and maybe not enough smaller hit-things-go-rar.

Challenges and RoPs, when they happen, still seem to be overly complicated and require scene-chasing.

The idea I have, after mulling over this and talking to folks in the Lounge, is for the following changes:

1) Instead of RPing the Moot and handwaving the Revel, handwave the Moot and RP out the Revel. Revels don't have to be complicated or tied with any plot (though they can be, of course). Depending on game activity, these could happen once a month or once every other month. (ICly, of course, Moots and Revels happen every month like clockwork because that's how the caern is kept fed, and our characters aren't slackers about that.)

2) Possibly in addition to the above, possibly as an alternative, we host regular Sept Business Events. Unlike a Moot, which is structured and formal, a SBE (which needs a better name, I know) is an all-day affair that people can drop into and out of at will. An SBE takes place at the caern, and it's where challenges are declared (and carried out!), where less formal duels and scuffles and such take place, where Garou can share news and gossip and debate and tell stories and etc. It's known ICly that this is a Thing That Happens (like a moot) so even the urriest urrah has a reason to trek out to the caern and rub shoulders with the feralest of ferals. And vice versa.


3) Challenges and RoPs. OK, not a lot of these happening lately, but the ones that do still seem to lean way toward overcomplication. A challenge, especially for Fostern (but even for Adren) does not and should not be overly complicated and elaborate. A fight to submission is a perfectly acceptable challenge. A staring contest is, too. More, I'd love to see more one-scene challenges (and RoPs!) that allow for and even encourage witnesses. For example, a staring contest where others are allowed to do all they can do distract the Garou they want to lose (no touching). A cub whose fortitude is tested by beating beaten with sticks while they recite the Litany -- WITHOUT frenzying. Stuff like that.

Comments should be open. I want to hear yours. And if you'd rather not speak publically, feel free email me at hazwoof (at) gmail (dot) com. Or @mail Hazmat in-game.


Jul. 28th, 2014



The Not So Short Werewolf Mechanics Cheat Sheet

First, a disclaimer: GarouMUSH is and has always operated as a mechanics-lite game that does not require you to either have read the books or know the systems. Different GMs operate differently, and often even differently with different kinds of scenes. Many of them don't ever use dice, some of them only use dice sparingly, as a sort of impartial randomizer, some stick pretty closely to the systems, etc. This is just for those who feel a bit lost and would like to know the bare basics of how the mechanics actually work.
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Jun. 8th, 2014

Dark Wolf


Recollecting character memories

Hello old players and new... I have been pretty bad about saving information for my character Aaron (Bone Gnawer Ahroun) and am trying to look up plots or large scenes he has been involved in. If you can name a few or point me to past logs, I would be very grateful. I am attempting to store this information on my wikia site for my own memory reasons.

Thanks in advance.

May. 19th, 2014

Video Lazy


Garou Glyphs Reference

This fan-made Garou Glyph Dictionary has a bunch of Garou glyphs all neatly arranged in one place. Some are fan-made (denoted with a '*') but even those look pretty darn good to me.

Anyway, nifty player reference. :)

Apr. 27th, 2014



Elder Moot Log

Where one might have expected a fire, there is none. Instead, a fair sized circle has been scratched in the sandy soil, pebbles moved by the work of claws to complete the form. The obviously pregnant wolf is settled at the southern edge of the circle, the shore of the pool to her right. She lifts her muzzle to howl again, though there is nothing of impatience in her posture.
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Apr. 20th, 2014



New Journal community created on Dreamwidth

Hi! I set up a new community on Dreamwidth. I was unable to import posts from here, but I will poke at that problem as I have time. Help, is of course, always welcome.

If you have a log/IC Journal page, it would be great if you could join the Dreamwidth Community, as it would give us a log/journal database that we could point guests at.

It give us somewhere to posts updates and the like for those on the MUSH who make use of  Dreamwidth. I will copy-over postings from the GarouMUSH LJ as required.




Apr. 18th, 2014



Foil Rules, Guidelines, and Discussion

Finally getting this up. Please note that the following is a first draft, and I am still writing and revising this. Once I have it more finalized, I'll make it an official BBpost on the game. However, please also feel free to comment, ask questions, offer opinions, etc. I'd like this post to serve as one we can point to in the future for more elaboration than a list of rules can offer.

What is a Foil?

From here: A foil is another character in a story who contrasts with the main character, usually to highlight one of their attributes.

On GarouMUSH, a Foil character serves much the same role. For our purposes, the Garou and their kinfolk are the 'main characters'; GarouMUSH is, as the name implies, primarily about the Garou, and that's where the game's focus is. A Foil character on the MUSH is a character that, in various ways for various reasons, is a secondary character that contrasts with the main characters.

Or, in less esoteric terms, a Foil's primary purpose is to enhance the story of the regular characters. A Foil player's primary responsibility is to do the same with the RP of the regular players.

A Foil doesn't necessarily have to be a non-Garou; we've had plenty of Garou or Garou kin characters serve as Foils in the past, usually because they come in with a plot or plot hooks, or are in some way far enough from the norm that they contrast with the regular Garou characters. This doesn't mean that all Garou who come onto the game with stories or plot hooks are Foils, but it does mean that they can be. (and the more outrageous the differences, the more likely they are to be considered such).

Aside from that, all supernatural characters that are not Garou or kinfolk are considered Foils, and fall under these rules and guidelines.

Rules and Guidelines:

The Player: Like higher ranks and Sept or Tribal positions, Foils come with certain OOC responsibilities and expectations. While everyone has the opportunity to apply for a Foil, not everyone is going to be accepted as a Foil player. In fact, it's very likely that a minority of players will be accepted. Being rejected for a Foil does not reflect on your abilities as an RPer; it does not make you a 'bad player'. It also doesn't mean that you're not in the 'in' clique of bestest GarouMUSH buddies -- we judge Foil applications in part based on the player themselves, and regardless of who that player is or how long they've played (though we're more likely to have a good idea of your ability to handle a Foil if you've been around a while), if it seems like they would be ill-suited to a Foil role, they're not going to get a Foil approved.

Keep in mind that these standards apply throughout your time playing a Foil character; if you suddenly start ignoring or neglecting your OOC responsibilities toward the playerbase, or you start getting into actual OOC trouble in other areas, or you simply start going off the wild and deep end on worldview; we can and probably will take the Foil character away.

So what are we looking for in a Foil player?

- A thorough understanding of Foil responsibilities, and the willingess and ability to carry them out.

- Someone who is good at creating RP, without making the RP entirely about their characters. This doesn't mean you can't ever have the spotlight, but it does mean that you recognize where the spotlight is sitting and you're willing to give other characters their time in the limelight. Every regular character is a 'main character' on this game; remember that!

- A solid handle on GarouMUSH worldview, as well as the greater themes of WoD as a whole.

- A solid understanding of the source material of whatever type of character is being applied for. Because Foils are often expected to self-police, far more than regular Garou (after all, a regular Garou who steps out of line is going to be noticeable to most people who know Werewolf:TA). This doesn't mean you have to be the expert of experts, but it does mean you should have a firm grasp of the basics, how this type of character functions both ICly and mechanically, and how you're going to fit this character into the game (some systems aren't necessarily worldview compatible, so you have to get creative. Mage is a good example of this)

- A decent OOC history on the game. We don't care how awesome an RPer you are if OOCly you're a giant dick. This doesn't mean that you're automatically banned from being a Foil player if you've had some rough patches in the past, but it does mean your behavior matters. Furthermore, the more powerful the Foil, the more we scrutinize your ability to handle that kind of power responsibly.

- The ability to put a firm barrier between IC and OOC, and the general ability to handle conflict. Garou are conflict heavy creatures as it is; Foils are almost guaranteed to get more conflict than even other Garou. If IC conflict is an uncomfortable thing for you, a Foil character is probably not a good idea.


1. Don't be a giant dick

2. One Foil per player. If you are running a plot that requires a Foil other than the one you have, we may make allowances for you to have the plot Foil, but the plot Foil is required to leave when the plot ends, unless they die first.

3. Don't make the RP all about your character. Characters will be ICly curious at times; this is fine, but always keep in mind that a Foil character should never have the spotlight for too long.

4. Strive to create RP, especially during slow periods on the game.

5. Don't abuse your Foil's abilities. Foils are often at a higher power level (or simply more capable in areas that Garou are not) than Garou characters. This is not an excuse to be a powergaming jerk. See rule number one.

6. Remember that Foils exist to enhance the RP of other characters, and the enjoyment of other players. This means all players, regardless of personal feelings. You are not allowed to cut someone out due to OOC bias.

7. Don't be a Rules Lawyer. This document is very much Spirit of the Law, not Letter of the Law. Don't try to weasel around the rules or the spirit of this document and then claim that you did nothing wrong, because it doesn't explicitly lay out your exact offense. This goes for Garou players in general, but especially Foil players. Don't do it. It won't end well for you. See rule number 1.

What sort of Foil characters are allowed?

In theory, any World of Darkness character is technically allowed as a Foil provided the application is good enough. In practice, some characters are pretty much just not going to happen due to conflicts between source material worldview and established GarouMUSH worldview.

We don't generally allow 'Wyrmish' creatures to be actual Foil characters. Those fall strictly under plot, and are usually not given an actual character object. This includes Fomori and Vampires, though there have been exceptions.

Black Spiral Dancers are never going to be Foil characters. Please don't ask.

It's a good rule of thumb that the more unusual (this includes location) and powerful the Foil, the harder it will be to apply for. The more common, 'easier' Foils are generally:

- Ratkin
- Corax
- 'Local' Bastet (Pumonca, for instance, maybe Qualmi)
- Garou with some sort of Something that makes them Foils rather than just unusual regular characters.

Moderate Foils would be:

- Mages (While these aren't rare, mages do trend towards very powerful, and the applicant and application need to show a good understanding of how to mold worldview and how to not be a total twinkface)
- non-local Bastet (Balaam, mostly, maybe Bagheera)
- Some sort of more mundane 'Hunter' character (bear in mind we do not necessarily use rules from Hunter itself)
- Vampires that are not necessarily plot fodder (these will be scrutinized heavily, and are the most likely winners of 'fastest foil death on game'.)
- Spirits
- Any Hengeyokai version of the Fera (this does not include Khan, see below)

Very difficult to apply for Foils, but which I am theoretically open to depending on app quality and justification for being in the area:

- 'Exotic' Bastet (Simba, Khan, etc)
- Ajaba
- Kitsune
- Ananasi
- Gurahl
- Mokole
- Rokea
- Nuwisha
- Fae (we do not use Changeling)
- Ghosts (we do not use Wraith)
- Mummies
- 'Supernatural' Hunters

Foils that are pretty much never going to happen as Foils (but may or may not happen as plots):

- White Howlers
- Abominations
- Nagah
- Skin Dancers
- Technocracy Mages
- Nephandi Mages
- Kami
- Any extinct Fera, or Fera that don't actually exist as written in WoD
- Demons
- Anything from Exalted
- Probably anything from that Gypsy book, seriously

Apr. 15th, 2014

Dark Wolf


The Art of Teaching

There is something that I have always been curious about and would like to start a discussion for everyone to be able to participate.
Q: What is the techniques to teaching a gift and/or rite? Especially when it has not been passed down from a mentor. Is there any right or wrong way to go teaching a specific gift and/or rite and where do you find the resources to teach it correctly to your "pupil"?
Thank you!

Mar. 4th, 2014

half, Half Moon, Moon


Status of GarouMush

GarouMush is back up and running 24 hours/day for your oWoD RP needs.

Mar. 3rd, 2014

Jedi knight lightsaber


Temporary outage

(In case people forgot about the post from mid-Feb that mentioned the planned outage today....)

Announcement: Merlin shouts, "I am taking the server down for the power outage in about 10 minutes!"

Announcement: Merlin shouts, "The expected downtime is ~8 hours, but this is PG&E."

Down as of 9am PST. So theoretically back up around 5pm--give or take.

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